All treatments are customized to the client’s needs. New clients will be provided intake forms and consultation. Venus Viva, Bio-Therapeutic clinical technology and Éminence Organics product featured in all advanced facial treatments.

Venus Viva Treatment | Call for free consultation

Venus Viva is an advanced, non-surgical solution for skin resurfacing that works to improve the overall texture of your skin. It combines NanoFractional Radio Frequency (RF) and SmartScan technology to help you get smoother, healthier skin by reducing signs of skin damage, including scars, enlarged pores, stretch marks, wrinkles, rosacea, and any other skin conditions that affect the texture of your skin. What makes Venus Viva truly unique is its ability to cover a greater surface area and treat multiple issues in the same session.

Signature Facial Treatment | $145

Multi-layered technology utilized for a complete facial rejuvenation. Begin with Bio-brasion exfoliation with aqua fuse layering system corrective fluid to exfoliate, brighten/clear and hydrate. Follow with a warm Éminence stimulating masque and Micro Current application. This is a wellness approach of increasing ATP to allow high stimulation of collagen and elastin. Finish with LED light therapy specific to target Red age-defy and Green brighten.

Seasonal Facial Treatment | $130

Corrective skin tone and resurfacing. Begin with a brighten Bio-brasion exfoliation service. Follow with an Éminence Age corrective masque leading into a Platinum Peptide and Stem Cell Serum application. Finish with a choice of LED light therapy Red age-defy, Blue clear, Yellow anti-inflammatory & Green brighten.

Micro Current Face Lift Series | Single $130/Series (12) $1200

Increase the energy to skin cells and muscle contraction by elevating ATP. This service contains multiple pads and individual probes working in unison for maximum results. Micro Current enhances fibroblast activity (collagen) and maintains strength and support for elastin. Smooth forehead, lift eyebrow, tighten under eye area, contour cheek bone, smooth jaw line and tone jowls.

LED Light Therapy Series | Single $70/Series (12) $600

LED rejuvenation services, together with a chromatic product system, target specific goals utilizing different colors of LED light therapy. Each color of LED supports different skin types ranging from fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, pigmentation, inflammation and more.

Gentlemen’s Treatment | $150

Begin with three pass Bio-brasion exfoliation, Hydrate and clear Éminence masque, Micro Current application enhancing health of facial and neck tissue, deep pore cleanse including extractions and ingrown hair removal, trim ear and nose hair, brow shape, and finish with combination LED light therapy.

Teen Treatment | $130 or $100 for monthly bookings

Full skin analysis, two clarifying Éminence masques, deep pore cleanse with extractions, and 20 minutes of Blue clearing LED light therapy. This treatment includes home care product consult.

Jump Start 30 Face & Neck | $70

BT-Micro leads this service into an advanced fast track result-oriented treatment. Ultrasonic wave and Micro Current – a 2-in-1 device – delivers cleansing, exfoliation, clearing, serum, and cream. Finish with LED combination light therapy.

Jump Start 30 Hand | $70

Microdermabrasion begins this service followed with a full BT-Micro treatment (double exfoliation, serum & cream). End with age-defying LED light therapy.

Touch up | 30 minute $25-$50

For existing clientele only. One to two technologies used.