Acne Treatment

I have been going to Falcón Skin Therapy for six months now. For years, I had tried so many things to get rid of my acne. I wanted something that would be healthy, but actually work. I looked online for LED treatments that I had heard from a friend worked for acne and found Laurie. At first, I booked five treatments in a row. Laurie helped me pick a probiotic cleanser that helped at home. This really works. My face looks a thousand times more clear. Now, I go for treatments every few weeks and have acne-free skin. I would recommend this to anyone who has an issue with acne.
Toni R.

Age Defying Treatment

I was a smoker for over 15 years. After quitting in 2009, my skin was dull and lifeless. I found Laurie Falcón through my friend at work, who knew of her care and expertise. I had no idea someone like Laurie was out there, but she worked on my skin every month and after the first treatment I knew I came to the right place. I especially love the red LED treatments. Laurie applies a serum and masque to tighten and lift my skin. I’m in and out within an hour and my skin is healthier than ever. I look younger at 65 years old than I did at 55.
Sarah A.

Post Surgery Treatment

I first tried the LED treatment with Laurie shortly after undergoing a gynecological surgery. The treatment was very relaxing, and I saw a noticeable improvement in the redness and puffiness that surrounded my scar. I’ve also found Laurie’s LED treatments to be helpful in reducing the inflammation associated with my rosacea.
Erin D.


Micro Current Series

I wanted to firm up my skin quickly and have a facial treatment that would benefit the health of my skin too. I signed up for the Micro Current series and noticed a drastic difference. I noticed the most improvement with my neck and jowls.
Katherine D.

Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment

I have been searching for a professional and knowledgeable aesthetician for a long time. Laurie is gifted! She performed deep pore cleansing and even extracted two milia that the dermatologist said had to be cut off my face. I am extremely pleased and am so lucky to have found her.
Deborah G.